Allspice Chronicles

Entertain like a Queen, Think Lean and Live Green! A personal collection of recipes,anecdotes,and good old fashioned advice…

the Allspice Chronicles

Welcome to theAllspice Chronicles.  This is a collection dedicated to the women who inspired this facet of my creative life:

  • To my Nana, a quietly strong and incredibly resourceful Southern woman, and a fantastic, indulgent cook who taught me that the art of cooking is much, much more than simply following a recipe;
  • To my Mother, a woman who was into “green living” well before it was fashionable, who approached cooking with an eye to budget, nutrition, and ease of preparation, but who also loved to throw enormous celebrations that were the talk of the town for months afterwards;
  • To my Mother In Law, who was the fuel to the flame of my culinary curiosity, who bought me my first subscription to Gourmet Magazine and countless cookbooks (all of which I still own), and whose refined European standards of style and good taste have influenced me to no end;
  • To my dear Friend, the rebellious, free-thinking abstract artist-turned-author who started her adventure in The Village and then turned her attention and energy abroad, who taught me the artistic elegance and simplicity of a platter laden with rustic breads and cheeses, the sultry, heavy sweetness of a glass of good port, and the meaning of the word “nosh”;
  • And finally to my kids:  to my eldest daughter, who, on her own now, has a newfound interest in developing her culinary skills; to my littlest girl who has been in the kitchen with me constantly since birth, and who I confidently enlist to do most of my baking these days; and finally to my son (who definitely isn’t a woman, but is included by default under the “kid” heading), who at the age of 14 makes a damn fine fried egg sandwich.  You’ve been my favorite people to feed.

“I don’t like gourmet cooking, or “this” cooking or “that” cooking.  I like good cooking.”

-James Beard

theAllspice Chronicles is a tried-and-true, personal collection of recipes, anecdotes, and other tidbits collected over nearly 20 years in the kitchen (and counting).  To me, the most fabulous thing about cooking is that it is an ever-evolving challenge. While my diet is now primarily vegetarian, it hasn’t always been so.  Likewise, through the years, my table has entertained people from all walks of life and with all manner of dietary preferences or restrictions.  It is one of my great pleasures to truly delight the palates of all; to me there is nothing more sad or alienating than seeing someone who suffers from food allergies, diabetes or Celiac’s disease unable to partake in what everyone else is having.  That’s why this collection will include options for everyone and I am including all my favorite recipes, past and present, to accommodate the tastes of vegetarian and meat-eaters alike. I have to warn you:  I’m picky when it comes to the taste of food, and I really am impatient with food that tastes like “health food” (i.e. – devoid of flavor).  I am an herb and spice freak.  Be prepared for lots of flavor.

I have always maintained that eating fabulous things does not have to be expensive, nerve-wracking, or even terribly time-consuming; indeed, most of the best recipes in my collection are actually cheap and easy to prepare.  Some are a little more intensive, but all are worth every bit of effort.  I hope you and your guests enjoy them as much as I do.

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