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A Most Delicious Vodka Mojito

by Danica Waters


For her 23rd birthday celebration, my eldest daughter suggested we try Mojitos as an accompaniment for her all-time-favorite Southwestern Chicken and Pasta Salad.  Rather than use the traditional rum in our Mojitos, we tried vodka.  To everyone’s delight, the substitution was magical!  The transparency and lightness of the vodka allowed the full flavor of the lime and mint to fully shine through.  Topping it off with generous splash of a lime-flavored sparkling water in place of the traditional club soda only served to amplify the yumminess.  The best part?   Because the mojito is enhanced with sparkling water, it’s big on flavor but lighter on calories than most alcoholic beverages.







Vodka Mojito


1-1/2 oz vodka

½ tsp sugar

3 mint leaves

¼ lime

Lime-flavored sparkling water to taste

Lots of ice – enhance with crushed mint leaves and lime juice for maximum flavor



In a cocktail glass, place several slightly crushed mint leaves and fill with ice.


In a cocktail shaker, muddle ¼ of a lime and three mint leaves with ½ tsp of sugar and a splash of sparkling water.  Add ice; pour vodka over the top.  Shake well; strain and pour into prepared cocktail glass.  Top off with lime-flavored sparkling water to taste.


Makes 1 delicious mojito.

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