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Canning for Dummies: You Have No Idea How Easy This Is!

by Danica Waters

For most of us, the very thought of canning our own food floods us with insecurities. Our skin goes pale and clammy, our breathing becomes shallow and erratic; suddenly we find ourselves approaching our kitchen like it has transformed into our 6th Grade Chemistry lab. Echoing through the mists of time and our rapidly firing synapses, the unmistakably foreboding voice of our chem teacher assures us we will most certainly blow up the house or render that beautifully blushing box of peaches to the equivalent of Montezuma’s Revenge if we make a single wrong move.


Say it isn’t so!
Ok. It isn’t so. Canning is actually one of the easiest and most rewarding things you can ever hope to do in a kitchen. Here’s a short but thorough video into what canning (or “putting up”) food is all about:

Canning for Dummies: You Have No Idea How Easy This Is!

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