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How To Set A Formal Table (Just In Case You Need To Know)

by Danica Waters

It’s June! Wedding season is upon us. Mark my words: we are walking into of one of the biggest etiquette traps of the year. What do I mean by an “Etiquette Trap”? Imagine: you receive a beautiful wedding invitation. You happily RSVP. You attend the wedding, and afterwards the reception, which happens to be a very formal sit-down, multiple-course affair. You look down at your place setting, and there are, like, three or four of everything: forks, knives, glasses! What on earth do you do with all of it? What do you use first? Eeeeesh. It occurs to you that you shouldn’t have been laughing at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as your very own oyster threatens to go zinging across the room.

This is the season where many of us will be confronted with a formal table. While you may not be the person setting the table, you just might be the person needing to negotiate your way intelligently through all the utensils set for a formal multiple-course meal. Understanding the layout of the various plates and utensils will work wonders for your personal panache, or, at the very least allow you to “fly under the radar”.

I lucked out when I discovered this video; it is by far the most comprehensive, well-paced and interesting one I’ve seen. As a note, there’s some differences in opinion as to where to position the “oyster fork”. As long as you know what an “oyster fork” is, you’ll know what to do with it when the time comes.

Good luck!

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